I was willing to try anything to help me cope. My experience at Horse and Soul Ranch helped me feel safe and I was given choices about how I wanted to interact with the horses.  Each visit, I left feeling stronger, more sure of myself and my place in the world. I began to feel safe. I learned to trust the signals that I received from the horses, my confidence returned, and I slowly gave myself permission to find ways to live with less anxiety. My experience with the horses was based on learning Trust. 


 My experience with Horse and Soul Ranch is unforgettable! Some people think that they are just an animal, but the are smarter than a lot of humans. What I love the most about the Ranch is that I felt cared about by the horses and Loreen. I feel safe and secure around her and Abby. I love what I learned here. I feel free.  It is the best feeling in the world. I have no idea where I would be right now without Horse and Soul Ranch Program 


 I am a US Veteran who suffers from PTSD due to MST and early CST, I struggle with Depression, Panic Attacks, and Social Anxiety. As a result, It’s difficult for me to leave my comfort zone. I came to Decorah to visit a family member for an extended stay. Feeling uneasy and Knowing I would be away from my regular support system; I looked for someplace In the area to go where I could continue Therapy while away from home. Luckily, I found Horse and Soul Ranch! Loreen immediately made me feel welcome, understood, and safe. In addition to Loreen, Meeting the animals on the farm, Claudette, Hoss, Jesse, the horses, Abby, Slick, and the whole herd, gave me something to look forward to. Her knowledge, instruction, genuine Love and Enthusiasm for her Horses and Clients Make Horse and Soul a tremendous reprieve for anyone needing a healing Space.